domingo, 8 de julho de 2012

Pranayama Sequence #1

1. Sama Vritti- 1st Chakra
Index and middle finger on forehead, thumb and pinkie with ring finger resting lightly on nasal passage so that the nostril is half-open in star trek bunny rabbit formation. Deep breath in, head will naturally rise toward the end of the breath. Hold the breath as long as possible. Smile. Alternate exhaling through both nostrils with pinkie and thumb.

2. Anuloma- 1st Chakra
Interrupted inhalation. "Jhana" mudra hands on thighs. Take in five separate, interrupted, inhalations. Hold breath as long as you can. Smile. Slowly exhale breath.

3. Vilom- 2nd Chakra
Interrupted exhalation. Deep inhale up. Hands in Jhana mudra on thighs. Exhale in halting pauses, 5 times if you can.

4. Adie Suddhi- 3rd Chakra
Alternating inhale/exhale. Hand in star trek bunny rabbit formation. Put pinkie with ring finger lightly over left nostril, blocking air from entering. Breathe in through right nostril. Hold breath as long as possible. Place thumb on right nostril. Exhale slowly through left nostril. Keep thumb on right nostril and inhale through left. Hold breath. Place pinkie and ring finger on left nostril and breath out through right. The breath kind of makes an upside-down "U" through your nose, as if it's climbing up and down a mountain, over and over again.

5. Hanuman (this means monkey in Sanskrit)
Fingers pressed together, Anna says like a praying mantis. Inhale with head down, elbows up, thumbs on the cartilage of the nose. Anna recommends trying to keep saliva around the base of the tongue. Kate enjoys spitting. Expand face with air, like a monkey (hence the name). Blow out air 3 times with chin raised.

6. Bhati- this helps with the thyroid and hormone regulation
Release stomach, let it hang. Compress your stomach, pulling the skin of your belly into your spine. This will expel the air in your belly out through your nostrils in raspy breaths. You never really inhale. Do this in sets of 20 or 30.

7. Bhramarie (means bee in Sanskrit, so called because of the sound one makes while doing the pranayama)
Place index and middle fingers lightly over your eyes, thumbs in your ears, ring finger on the cartilage of your nose, pinkie on the smile line of your face. Inhale head down, lift head up and hold inhalation, release inhalation while creating a deep hum in throat, kind of like a bee, while half closing nostrils.

8. Udgit Pranayama (Udgit means songs for high consciousness)
Put left hand on navel, right hand on crown. Start with head up for inhalation. Hold breath. On exhalation of breath, chant OM, 25% while mouth is open and 75% with mouth closed. Do 5 times.

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